After a good evening meal, with the moon shining down, the people of a village in ancient Africa might hear the sound of a drum, a rattle, and a voice that shouted, “Come hear, come hear!”  These were the      sounds of the griot, the storyteller.

From Silverthorn with their exquisite bubblies named Genie, Green man and Jewel box; Marcel de Reuck, the North Sea diver turned winemaker who is willing to call his wines MdR because he believes in his wines; Pieter, who is the Hermit on the Hill (no more thanks to Lohra); Saffraan en Mount Abora who plays with poems in the Koggelbos and Mount Abora wines. Signal Gun with good wines and working cannons, Aeternitas with quiet, yet forceful Syrah and Chenin; Stonewall with it's history,easy to drink wines and hospitable owners, Nomada, the quiet winemaker with wines that say a lot.La Vierge with tongue in cheek names for fabulous wines;and Holden Manz,where the wines speak more than the proverbial thousands words of the paintings on the labels.


The wines represented by Boutique Tastings/Fun with Food are "bottled African stories".